Honda Shows-Off 1,000 Horsepower Minivan at SEMA

Last time on our blog, we detailed some of the displays put out by Honda at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Well it turns out that those two models from our last post didn’t quite cover everything. There was one more model that we though was just too much fun to ignore.

In the world of auto racing, the term “sleeper” refers to a car that doesn’t look like it can do much on the outside, but inside it is decked out with a slew of aftermarket parts and sometimes a new engine that will deliver comically high amount of power. “Sleeper” is exactly what we thought when we say the Bisimoto “Power-Van,” a variant of the popular Honda Odyssey.

The racing pros over at Bisimoto took your average minivan and turned it into one of the most powerful models we have ever seen. After a lot of heavy modifications, this particular Odyssey model could generate up to 1,029 horsepower.

Yes, you heard right 1,029 horsepower. The addition of custom exhaust, mufflers, fuel pump, turbochargers, and pistons made this ridiculous increase in power possible. That being said, it really wouldn’t be surprising to see this decked-out minivan pass a Porsche 911 on the highway, or even beat it out of the gate.

It isn’t likely that another one of these specialty Bisimoto Odyssey models will ever be made, but it’s appearance at SEMA showed us the true potential of new Honda vehicles with a little aftermarket lovin’. If you would like to learn more about the new and used Honda models in our inventory here at Preston Honda, then please take the time to visit our showroom located at3249* Wilmington Road New Castle, PA. We hope to see you soon.

November 22, 2013
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