Installing Your Honda Wiper Blades

Instructions are always nice, but some people are visual learners, which is why a video is always the most helpful tool.

For everyone out there in dire need of new wiper blades have no fear because Preston Honda is here to help you.  Our inventory of parts and accessories can help relieve your old weather beaten blades with some fresh new rubber to help clear your windshield as winter winds down.

Once you have acquired the right blades for your ride then take a look at this in-depth video from the helpful AwkwardHamster on YouTube:

Viola! Fresh new windshield wiper blades for you and all it takes is these simple and easy steps.  Thanks AwkwardHamster!

If the winter here in New Castle, Pennsylvania was so brutal it will take more than fresh wiper blades to get you back on the road then it may time to upgrade to a new Honda model from our dealership.  If this is the case stop by today for a test drive and get the complete update, wipers and all, we look forward to seeing you.

February 25, 2014
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